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We’re a company of pioneers, opening new horizons of transparency in the maritime world. It’s our job to collect real-time vessel position data and make it available for the world’s most impactful enterprises so they can tackle their hardest maritime challenges. We live and breath shipping and data. We are known worldwide for our in-house project FleetMon.

FleetMon empowers shipping companies, captains and maritime enthusiast by allowing them to track and analyze their business. Today we have customers across 164 countries and around a half million users.

Established in 2007, FleetMon builds the world’s first public vessel data collection, which help organizations deliver better logistic reports.

We are passionate about crowd knowledge and experts in creating elegant and powerful web applications to do the job and grow options. We are, and always have been, a privately-held company.

What we do

Terminal Monitoring and Zone Eventing

Observer Merchant Fleets

FleetMon API and Consulting

Vessel and Port Traffic

LNG and Oil Market

Incident Analysis


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Empowering Fleet Management

FleetMon API

Risk Assessment and Accident Reports

AIS Stations Partner

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The team works in the Hanseatic town of Rostock, the largest city in the German federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Rostock’s economy is predominated by shipbuilding, tourism and navigation. With about 150 entries per year (36 cruise liners, 160,000 passengers) Rostock is the most important German cruise-port of call.

In Warnemünde, a resort and recreation area which has experienced 160 years of history as a seaside resort, the river Warnow flows into the Baltic Sea. All this contributes to a highly maritime atmosphere in the town, inspiring us to develop this way of being connected to the Sea.